Awesome Features

Having all the vital information you need when you venture outdoors allows you to capitalize when it matters.

  • Solunar

    Solunar and its correlation with major and minor feeds allow you to hone in on optimal times when on the water.

  • Tide Chart

    Monitoring tides with accuracy allows you to plan your perfect trip.

  • Wind

    If it’s blowing, you probably aren’t going. Now you can remove the guesswork with real-time wind reports.

Fishing tide chart
  • Social Share

    Share the word with other great outdoorsmen.

  • Community

    When you signup for the pro version of TideIn, you will have access to the app forum. This is where you can ask Joshua Taylor and the team your tide and fishing questions. We want you to have a personable experience where we can all grow as anglers and outdoorsmen.

  • Fish Activity

    The TideIn app will show you when fish are most active based on proven scientific data that have been studied for decades, if not centuries.

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Track Tides & Weather From Anywhere

Now you can track tides, winds, and weather from anywhere with a quick swipe of your cell phone.

Easy to Use

Easy to navigate, easy to read. Learning about tides, wind, and solunar should not be rocket science.

Monitor Optimal Feed Times

Monitor optimal feed times so you can be on the water when the fish are feeding. Use less time fishing and more time catching.

Stay Connected

Join the community and grow.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

-Nelson Mandela


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TideIn Team

Here at TideIn, our team takes pride in creating a simple but sophisticated application that will help keep you protected when on the water. We put people first and look forward to seeing you in our community forum.

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Joshua Taylor


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Stephanie Taylor

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